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Welcome to The Animal Hospitable Veterinary Clinic

Your Veterinarian in Williamsville, NY

To schedule an appointment please contact our office at (716) 634-2240, or 

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Pet Emergency? Call The Emergency Veterinary Clinic at (716) 839-4043!


Attention Clients!!!

7/21/21 Dr. Teresa will be out of the office from August 16th-August 20th. We will only be open for technician visits (which are; nail trims, blood draws, Adequan and Cytopoint injections) and for food and medication pick-ups. If your pet will need any medications refilled we are requiring you to call the request in before August 12th, if you call during the week that Dr. Teresa is not here it will be filled the following week. We will also have shortened hours during that week:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday we will be open 7:30am-5:30pm

Wednesday 8/18 we will be closed for maintenance.

Due to family health concerns, Dr. Marky will no longer be working on Wednesdays. If you have an appointment scheduled on Wednesday we will be contacting you to reschedule. 

We are also changing our appointment times for Wednesdays. We will only be seeing appointments from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.

We are sorry for any inconvenience these changes may cause. 

Please contact our office if you need food or medication refills. At this time, our online pharmacy is still operating as usual and we can fill prescription foods and medications online for the convenience of home delivery. Our office is stocked as well, however, please call ahead of time so we can get your food and medications prepared for easy pick-up. We will happily take payments over the phone and bring food and medication out to your car.

Good News! We are finally able to have you back in our building again-with a few restrictions.   We are still asking that you call when you arrive.  We would like people to wait in their cars until we have an open exam room for you.  This will keep all of us safer.  

If you are fully vaccinated, we will ask to see your proof of vaccination.  If you have that, then you can be in the exam room mask free and be able to be close to your pet to help calm them during their exam.   If you do not have that proof, you can enter the building, but we will all wear masks in the exam room and you will be asked to stay at least 6 feet away from the staff in the exam room.  

Regardless of your vaccine status, we ask that you wear a mask when entering the building because you may encounter an unvaccinated person exiting or entering the building.  Once in an exam room you are free to remove your mask if you are fully vaccinated. 

 Of course, anyone who is still not ready to be close to others for any reason at all, we can continue to do the curbside and baby monitors so you can watch and interact with us that way.

Obituary for Donata H. Labuszewski


Our PRACTICE PHILOSOPHY is based on the GOLDEN RULE: Our clients and animals are treated with patience, dignity and respect, just as we would wish to be treated. We practice the highest quality medicine at a reasonable cost to the client; we tailor our services to the personal needs of each animal and owner; and we spend the time necessary to explain to and educate our clients so that they fully understand any recommended tests and procedures, enabling them to become full partners with the veterinarian in maintaining the good health and well-being of their animal companions.


Office Hours


7:30 am-5:30 pm


7:30 am-7:00 pm


7:30 am-5:30 pm


7:30 am-7:00 pm


7:30 am-5:30 pm





  • Dr.
    Teresa Labuszewski
    Dr. Teresa Labuszewski is a native western New Yorker, having attended Starpoint Central School from kindergarten through 12th grade. She received a B.A. in psychology from SUNY at Buffalo in 1975, a Ph.D in Psychology from SUNY at Stonybrook in 1980 and her DVM from Cornell University in 1984.


  • "Just want to say thank you to Dr. Marky and the office staff for making Brodie so comfortable at his exam yesterday! I love that you really take your time to gain his trust and make it a positive experience for him. This was our best vet visit in years, and it's all thanks to your patience and caring. Thank you!!!"
  • "Thanks to everyone at Animal Hospitable for helping my Jibboo make it through an extremely rough couple of surgeries. We weren't sure he was going to make it, but this place did everything in their power to keep him healthy and living. They made us feel like we were top priority AND a part of their family. We could feel the love and thanks and appreciation can't begin to describe how grateful I am for what they've done."
  • "Keep doing what you re doing!! You and your staff are by far the most compassionate and sincere practice we have ever been to! It s so refreshing to have a place there cares for our fur babies as much as we do. Nice job team!! We are highly satisfied clients!"
  • "I love the Animal Hospitable and Dr. Labezewski! She is the only vet I trust with my dogs. My family has been taking our pets to her for 25 years! How many people can say we starting bringing our dog here when I was in 2nd grade and I m about to be 32 years old!"
  • "Dr T & her staff are exceptional in how they treated my dog. I definitely would recommend them. I would give them more than 5 golden stars if it would allow. Thank you for taking Lucy in such short notice."
  • "I love just about everything about Animal Hospitable. Staff is always kind and respectful to my dogs and me. The facilities are neat and clean. I have the highest regard for Dr. Teresa and trust her judgement and knowledge."

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