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Get The Most From Your Appointment

  • If you have any questions or concerns about your pet write them down and bring the list with you to the appointment! You can even keep a list on your smartphone!
  • If your pet is symptomatic or showing odd behaviors, film your pet doing it at home! Pets may not always exhibit that behavior or symptom while here in the clinic - the change in environment and excitement can affect them. You can even email us the video!
  • Remember to bring any requested samples with you!
    • Stool samples should be no more than 24 hours old. (For cats, make sure that it’s stool and not urine if you use clumping litter!)
    • For urine samples, you can bring it in a provided urine cup, a Ziploc baggie, or any other clean, watertight container. If it will be more than an hour before your appointment, the sample should be refrigerated but not frozen (or you can drop it off here the morning before your appointment).
  • Bring in any medications or supplements that you give your pet, including how you are giving them (how much, how frequently, etc.). 
  • Know what kind of food your pet is eating (brand and specific type, you can even take a picture of it!) and how much (if you don’t use an actual measuring cup or spoon, please bring whatever it is that you use to measure your pet’s food)
  • Getting Your Cat to the Vet