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Surgical/Dental FAQs

When can I take this bandage off their leg?

We would like the bandage to stay on for at least 24 hours. This is where the catheter was placed.


Can I feed my pet after a surgery or dental?

For pets that just had any procedure done, we recommend that you feed them a smaller meal the evening you bring them home, they may not be as hungry. Specifically for pets that had any dental extractions done, please feed them soft food only, (canned food, or dry food soaked in water), until their dental recheck.


Why do I need to schedule a recheck?

For pets that had procedure requiring sutures (spay, dental extractions, etc.) we require a recheck to see how the suture site is healing. We like to see them back 10-14 days after their procedure.


What about exercise?

We ask that you restrict activity until the sutures are removed (if needed), or until 14 days have passed. This is because a lot of activity can actually slow down the healing and put strain on the surgery site.